[miau] Players looking for a video slot machine that might stir sultry and romantic feelings should give Esmeralda a spin. This unique machine draws on themes from Latin American “telenovelas”.

esmeralda_slot_machineWho Created this Alluring Title?

The betting-machine experts at Playtech Software developed Esmeralda.

How Many Reels and Pay Lines Does Esmeralda Offer?

The titular character spins her magic across five graphically-sharp slot reels. Playtech built 25 optional pay lines into this lovely game.

What Are this Slot Machine’s Symbols?

Esmeralda has unique characters and symbols upon its slot-reel spots. The standard symbols include:

A mustachioed man
A dark-eyed “hunk”
A tambourine
A Spanish guitar
A pair of emerald earrings
An emerald necklace
From a deck of playing cards, the ace
The king, queen and jack from the same deck of cards

Each of the symbols on the above list only pays out credits when it falls multiple times on the same pay line. For more-flexible symbols, see the next section.

Does Esmeralda Offer any Special Features?

Based upon a lust-filled love-triangle concept, Esmeralda naturally features wild elements. The machine’s “Wild” spot includes an image of the lead character’s face filled with desire. This wild spot normally substitutes for all other symbols except the game’s “scatter” symbol. During the machine’s special free-spin function, the wild spot can take on any spot’s value and make winning combinations.

When eight or more rose symbols appear scattered anywhere on this machine’s reels, Esmeralda’s free-spins feature begins. During this mode, the player receives up to 70 free spins of Esmeralda’s reels. With that many spins at no charge, this game has the potential to put a big, satisfied smile on the player’s face.

What Is the Highest Single Prize a Player Can Win from Esmeralda?

From one spin of the reels, the player can win as much as 15,000 credits on one pay line.

How Does a Player Score the Top Prize?

If the player gets lucky enough to catch five wild images of Esmeralda on the same pay line, the game will award its top prize.

Does this Slot Machine Offer a Fun and Original Playing Experience?

While there are other romance-themed slot machines, this may be the only video slot machine that draws its inspiration from the Latin American take on the television miniseries. People who love to play slots and wrap themselves in romance will fall for this game.

Esmeralda Slot
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