Escaping the Prison has arrived and the game is the sequel to the very popular Breaking the Bank release. Does Escaping the Prison deliver the same fun experience as its predecessor? Overall, the new game provides a lot of the same fun and excitement the previous game provides along with a few innovative new improvements. For those who like action-oriented games, this one is going to be a thrill to play.

Escaping the Prison is, not surprisingly, a game that focuses on getting out of a maximum security penitentiary. The game is not gritty nor violent. The main hero is, of all things, a stick figure who is crafted in a very humorous looking design. Those who play the game might end up being enveloped by the whimsy associated with such a figure. That is not a bad thing for sure. Sometimes, fun, decidedly not-so-serious approaches to traditional dark subject matter bring forth the excitement of the game without any of the grim components. Prison is not a scary place in this game. Instead, the halls of the prison become a maze the funny-looking stick figure has to find his way out of. Of course, the player steps inside the (thin) shows of the character and acts as the guiding light to locate a hidden path to freedom.

Players may be surprised to learn there are three different ways to try and escape from the prison. Three specific endings are available through traveling the Lame Way, the Sneaky Way, or the likely most popular Badass Way.

The availability of three different endings does bring a not-so-hidden benefit to playing the game. Those who finally do solve the game and escape are not done. They can return to play the game two more times in pursuit of the other two endings. This way, the game remains unpredictable and definitely not boring. Unlike other games with only one ending, this one does not take players down a sole path. The inclusion of three different ending really does give the game a deserved check in the innovation column and another reason for suggesting players give Escaping the Prison a try.

The entire endeavor starts when the lead character is delivered a cake to his prison cell. Is there a file in the cake? Well, there are a few items that are going to remain secret for now. (Why spoil things for those who want to give the game a try?) With these items, the adventure begins and our stick figure is on his way to breaking out of prison. Again, there are three options and paths he can take. This does not mean he is automatically going to be successful. The player has to overcome various obstacles to lead him to freedom. If the player can achieve this outcome, that is. The game is not super hard, but it is not super easy either. Making mistakes lead the main character right back to his prison cell. Or worse, the wrong choice could lead to a terrible demise. Who would want to see that happen?

The look of the game is solid, too.

The graphics on the game really are excellent. Just because the lead character is a stick figure does not mean the background and peripheral components of the game are sparse in design. A lot of work went into making the prison really stand out as visually unique. No one is going to get bored staring at the screen because the game does deliver visual excitement.

And by the way, the stick figure at the center of the escape is not bland-looking either. Some nice touches went into the design of his appearance and this is a nice plus. The look of the character always presents that air of fun that makes Escaping the Prison a joy to play.

The supporting characters look really cool as well. Sure, the guards are designed to appear like stick figures. (Some of those stick figure guards are wielding shotguns!) Their look adds to the fun of the game and helps make it enjoyable. Do not dismiss the guards as a joke though. They are not going to go easy on the escaping prisoner. They are guards, after all.

Be ever on the alert when entering a room because the new room is going to contain things that make it easier to escape. Obstacles are going to be appearing in the room and being wary of the threat they present is a must in order to successfully pass beyond the prison walls.

There are a few surprises here and there, but Escaping the Prison is a rather straight-forward game with the unique twist of three different endings. For those interested in trying a challenging – yet fun – game might want to check this one out.

Escaping the Prison Game
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