[miau] The Eldorado Max Power Slot machine is a fun and exciting way to win some money during your down time. This slot is easy to understand and play thanks to its bright graphics and large display. It is a three reel game with five pay lines to help you win big. The game plays as a progressive slot machine that builds up points on a Quickfire platform operated by Microgaming. Players can either play for real or fake money on the slots depending on how lucky they feel. The Eldorado Max will keep you pulling the lever until you hit the jackpot and win big!

eldorado_max_power_slot_machineThere are a variety of different play buttons in the game itself. These include a collect button and turbo play rounds in addition to a variety of others. The goal is to line up the corresponding fruit to get the desired dollar amount you want. The fruit are regular images seen on other online slot machines like cherries, oranges, grapes and lemons. However, there are bonus lucky sevens and brilliant diamonds to keep the slots interesting and even more high stakes. If players pull a rosette symbol, then they automatically accumulate free spins to win even more money.

Eldorado was the mythical Aztec city that was made from gold. Do you want the chance to pave your way to a similar destination? If so, then the Eldorado Max slot machine might be just the solution to all your monetary dreams. You only need one rosette to qualify for free spins, but try to get three in a row for an even bigger opportunity to win a large jackpot. Three rosettes changes the slot machine into the Super Game mode. This allows you the chance to have ten free games. Essentially, rosettes let you play even longer on your favorite game. Diamonds also have a higher value when they are pulled during a rosette spin. They make the amount fifty times larger!

If you want to make the game a little a little more challenging, then select the Turbo Gamble after winning a round. This feature lets you see various opportunities you can multiply your wins with certain spin results. The multiplier can also be added to the game to make the winnings bigger. Multipliers can be collected at any point in the spin, but they will automatically be added once they have reached the bottom of the ladder. However, it will become a Super Turbo Gamble if it reaches the top of the multiplier ladder. Be careful because this added feature can double your reward or take half of it away. Play at your own risk, but understand that this is what makes the games so exciting.

One of the best lines to play is the Max Power result. This is the games customized symbol that can appear at any time. If you pull three at any time, then you have the chance to spin the ultimate jackpot wheel. As you can see, the Eldorado Max slot machine is exciting thanks to all the opportunities you have to win big. If you love playing and gambling for real or fake money, then you will adore this slot machine game online.

Eldorado Max Power Slot
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