We love this game with its novel idea of combining two beloved games such as Dragon Ball and Mario and Luigi. For all the Dragon Ball fans this is a treat to see little Goku fighting his way through the game. It turns in to big fun and reminds them of why they love his character. The Mario and Luigi fans won’t be disappointed either because their heroes are busy doing what they do best which is to fight Bowser and keep the Princess safe. The plot is true to form for both the Dragon Ball and Mario and Luigi series as it adds a new layer on the possibilities to come.

The adventure starts when Bulma creates a dimension travel machine that takes you from dimension to dimension and back to your own dimension when you are ready with the push of a button. Well she hopes it works as she shares it with Goku. Of course, Goku is always up for a fun challenge and adventure so he jumped at the chance to try out Bulma’s machine. What happens when the return button is damaged adding another adventure turning twist to this multiple plot game? We are not going to tell you because it is more fun when you find out for yourself. But we will help by reviewing the basic game rules with you to help you get started.

The game guides are simple and straight forward as you either click the enter key, spacebar or press the letter B to move through the game and menu screen. Once inside each scene, the beginning starts with a script at the top of the page of what the character is saying. This basically sets up the entire scene you are about to play. When you are finished reading just hit the spacebar which moves you to the next screen. Once you reach the end of the script the play begins. The sounds and music are mostly from the Mario and Luigi game except when Goku is in action then there are the familiar sounds that he normally makes. Like we said the integration was masterfully done which makes this game more interesting and draws the player in. This makes you want to play just to see the finished product. We took the challenge and were very pleased. We are sure you will be too. But before you get started playing, here is some more specific information about the game.

The set up of the game starts out with a scene where you believe you are in the land of Dragon Ball. This is your original plot. However, after you press enter a new menu screen is loaded and has the following icons. There are four tiles labeled as story, credits, scenes and quality. Once you click on each tile you are taken to a screen with specific information related to it. Let us take a look at each one in detail. The first one is story and clicking this tile takes you to the world of Dragon Ball. We find Bulma thinking about her dimension travel machine. This screen will be very familiar to the Dragon Ball fan as it looks like the island where Goku and his family live. There is some animation with Bulma’s blinking eyes as well as when Goku enters the scene. Next, let us check out the first scene which starts once you push the A button.

The button labeled scenes on the menu screen has a total of seven scenes with individually labeled tiles. Bulma’s device is first followed by level one through three, shy guy horde, the yellow pipe and back to adventure. The nice part about this game is you can jump from scene to scene with a click. Once inside the scene you are back to the music and sounds of Mario and Luigi land. The second plot is hatched from here. The other really great game integration part is that the backgrounds are all Mario and Luigi land. With the familiar coins that give you life and the same enemies that you kill to increase your score. Goku loves that he can jump, run and move while fighting and killing the enemy. Goku is in love with this new dimension because of all the great fighting to be had. But he is not really sure what to think about his enemy. What and who they are but most importantly where he is. The colors are engaging and not too overbearing to distract you from the game which is important so you can get into the tunnel vision of playing.

There is a tile listed with the word credit on it that takes you to another screen with other tiles labeled as backgrounds, sites, sprites and music. Each one gives details about that particular part of the game. The final tile is labeled quality and once you click that one takes you to three new tiles. The first one is labeled high followed by medium and then low. We tried to see if it made a difference to play in either mode or what was actually affected in the game performance but did not notice anything.

We highly recommend this game because it does a fantastic job of integrating two popular games. It has you thinking about if it is true to the depiction of the movies and televisions that these beloved characters have created. The fact that Dragon Ball 1 has taken on the challenge of bringing another game into play with their plot is an exciting proposition that says two things about this series. One, it is a strong game brand that it can add diversity and variety to each new version without feeling threatened that people will forget what game they are playing. This will also keep its fans plugged in and occupied with new options to play. Second, it has you waiting to see what they will do next. The bottom line for us is this is a great game to play and we give it two thumbs up.


Dragon Ball 1 (The Story) Game
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