We love this game and you will too. The 3D on the first screen is phenomenal because you can actually see the neon glow of the blood vessels in the arms or green eyes of the Mr. Hyde character. There is a full moon in the background which sets the stage for what happens throughout the play of this game. The music is appropriately ghoulish with the sounds from the original time period for the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde series. The home screen of the game starts off with state of the art 3D technology. It is clean and easy to read with icons that take give list a title for each important area. For example, the first icon is a changing holographic collage of the game and characters with the title along the bottom that reads Red and Blue Potion interactions. The next one is labeled Logo Morphs with different parts of the game changing or morphing from the games’ name to the mild mannered and brilliant Dr. Jekyll followed by the creepy Mr. Hyde. The last button is listed as Two second screen bonus rounds. The maximum payout for this game is listed in bold green neon writing at the top of the page and is $480,000.

Once you click the play button you are taken to a room with a Dr. Jekyll and a large 5 reel slot. The 3D Dr. Jekyll comes from behind the slot wearing his long tailed grey tuxedo and a walking cane. He yawns as he checks his lapel followed by walking towards you and out of the scene. You hear him in the background gathering or moving around items. This was a very authentic way to use the plot of this series. Finally, he returns to the screen on the other side as he stands near a desk filled with bottles of liquids of different colors and amounts. He lifts up one to smell its contents and then places it back on the table. After scanning the reel page you notice at the very top right hand side the view pays and options buttons. The view pays shows that either Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde pay 1200 credits for 5. The police and key in the lock pay 200 credits for 5, the house and fireplace icons pay 150 credits for 5 and the last set includes the laboratory notes book with bloody finger prints on it and newspaper which both paying 100 credits for 5. You can also turn off the sound on this screen with a button located at the top on the right hand side.

You get bonuses if the wild icon which is a picture of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde game name lands on the first, third or fifth reel. It also triggers a bonus round and other animation in the game. The red potion that lands on reel two and four gives you a wild Hyde bonus win while the blue potion on reels two and four give you twenty times your bet. During real play the red and blue potions have individual meters and when they are full you earn bonus free spins. The frenzy bonus gives you a huge payout with thirty times your bet when you get Mr. Hyde plus the logo and then Mr. Hyde in reels two, three and four. Then there is the potion bonus of Dr. Jekyll plus logo and then Dr. Jekyll in reels two, three and four which gives you the biggest payout of 120 times your bet. We really like this bonus feature because one win of it could keep you playing all day and night.

The reel has 30 lines which is more than the usual slots which of course gives you more opportunities to win big payouts. You can check your balance, credits and the amount you win in the screen immediately under the spinning reels. The icons are a picture of Dr. Jekyll, a key in a door, the games’ name, a fireplace and the front of Dr. Jekyll’s house. The play buttons on the bottom are set up in the order of coins, select lines, bet per line, bet, win max bet, spin, double up and auto play. The bet and win are strategically located in the middle for easy and quick reference. The spin button has the largest writing in red letters. As you take a good look at the reel it appears to be a machine in Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory. The windows are open and an eerie overcast light is beaming into the room. Once you hit spin the reels move clumsily to show new icons such as a newspaper with a headline that reads Dr. Jekyll Commended, a police officer wearing a hat and a long mustache. There is also a hand holding a neon blue liquid concoction which is the potion that changes Jekyll to Hyde and the red changes him back.

As the slot spins and stops with a red potion icon, the hand holding that icon comes out at you and red gas trails off of the bottle that holds it to a bar running along the bottom and begins to fill with the red liquid. We love how when you win with three Mr. Hydes, his icon pops out at you and growls. Winning the key in the door opens to another room. Dr. Jekyll win show the icon putting on his top hat and bowing politely. During the game the Dr. Jekyll character laughs and says “tallyho”. The fireplace icon pops out and a log is through inside before it slips back in place. I won the red potion bonus feature several times and the screen changes to an animated feature of swirls with characters and icons coming to life. The winning reels are outlined in red neon to easily reveal your payout.

We highly recommend this many faceted game because the graphics and plots are outstanding. The opportunities to win big payouts are evident from the beginning. The bonuses are fun and entertaining as they take you into an animated almost cartoon scenario. You won’t be wasting your time with this one because we voted it a winner.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Slot
3.5 (70%) 4 votes