[miau] There’s something about the ancient Egyptians that have really captivated the world for thousands upon thousands of years. With pyramids, pharos, ancient gold and other historic marvels, anything that’s Egyptian themed always seems to do well, and the Crown of Egypt video slots game is no exception to that rule. Egyptian themes and slot machines are nothing new, of course. Some of the most popular online video slot machines out there share a common theme of ancient Egypt. How Crown of Egypt stands out, however, is in its overall construction. Produced and released by IGT, the company really spared no expense in the creation of this game. There are multiple ways to bet, even more ways to win, and plenty of bells and whistles to keep you busy in the meantime.

crown_of_egypt_slot_machineCrown of Egypt Slots Features

The first feature that really stands out with Crown of Egypt is that there are literally over a thousand different ways to win. 1,024, to be exact, which makes Crown of Egypt one of the most successful slots games online from a player’s perspective. The house edge is minimal, and there are multiple combinations that will put coins back into your account. The machine itself operates in a basic 5-reel, 40-payline fashion, but the total amount of winning combinations is literally staggering. At best, some machines may offer around 100 ways. 1,024 is just unheard of.

If there’s any downside to so many winning combinations, it’s that most won’t actually pay out a lot. It always depends on how much you’re actually betting, of course, but most bets are only going to pay out around 2x the initial bet. Still great, to be sure, but we’re not exactly talking about huge jackpots here. That aside, the game employs the use of MultiWay Xtra symbols, which creates a virtual web of different winning combinations in a multitude of directions. Along with a free spins bonus feature that’s triggered if you happen to get 2 or more of the bonus pyramid symbols, a few spins can set you up enough to play for hours on the house.

Crown of Egypt Slots Betting Options

Another area where Crown of Egypt stands out is in its betting structure. You can place up to 2 coins on each of the 40 paylines in this game per spin, which means you can place a total bet of 80 coins. The maximum jackpot is only 5,000, but this game spits out hundreds every other turn, or at least it feels that way. Betting is as easy as clicking some arrows on the screen, and you can control your max bet, line bet, and the amount of coins you want to risk.

Crown of Egypt Slots Conclusion

Online slot machines are subjective, primarily because everyone likes something a little different. For Crown of Egypt in particular, it has a very cool theme, a customizable pay structure, and over a thousand different winning combinations. It might not be a world beater in terms of the amounts paid out, but it pays out more than most machines that you’ll find online. And that’s all some slots players are after.

Crown of Egypt Slot
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