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The Whole Idea Behind Reviews

The idea behind Critic.netIn many ways, the Internet creates an ideal space for gaming. It provides individuals a place in which they can interact with others from the comfort of a home or an office and avoid the hassles of getting to a physical location to participate in the games they love. However, in the early days, laws and regulations were non-existent or in flux as governments scrambled to figure out how to deal with these services. This environment did lead many sites and players to feel like they had to operate underground to some extent. In more recent years, though, things have settled down somewhat and the industry is thriving. Of course, players need to make sure that they are playing in a jurisdiction where this activity is legal. Where online gaming, gambling and bookmaking are legal, though, the light shed on the industry actually benefits everyone involved. Transparency helps players feel more secure all the way through the process of playing. The reviews on aim to equip players with insights and recommendations so they can enjoy their time online as much as possible.’s Approach to Reviews

Our approachOur reviews on are completely independent and do not involve tie-ins to any particular company. Simply put, these reviews reflect the findings of writers who are passionate about online casinos and sports betting. Our reviewers want to give players the most complete picture possible of the offerings of each site. Reviewers come up with ratings based on ease of use, speed of payouts, games available and an overall rating. For bookmakers sites, we also assess the betting odds available on the site. Some of these categories may actually work better for people on certain platforms. For example, when it comes to ease of use, Apple users and PC users will have different experiences. This is covered in the reviews where applicable. Similarly, payout speed depends on each player’s circumstances and we try to take note of that as well. In the overall rating, we try to give readers an idea of the general impression we had while trying out the site, whether it is complete joy or utter frustration.

Dealing with Change

Dealing with changesThis being the Internet, things change extremely rapidly and without much notice. So, at we do our best to constantly keep abreast of these changes and let readers know if a site has shaped up or is on its way out. Readers can share with us if they notice new developments online. In this way, we take advantage of the cloud mind to inform our reviews and keep them current. Of all the criteria involved in evaluating a site, security still ranks very high. Again, the community can help alert players to the security pitfalls some sites exhibit. Security never escapes our radar here at, either. We look carefully at all aspects of a site’s security, from payment systems to encryption and much more. All readers should check out this section in our reviews if they are considering using a new site.

How to Use Our Reviews on

How to use our reviewsFor each review, readers should definitely not skip the sections on security, available platforms and payment methods. These form the backbone of any online transaction. At the very least, skimming reviews to find this information will give readers an idea of the pros and cons of a given site. Of course, most people are looking for a particular game, so we point those out quite prominently in each review. Sections of the review dedicated to graphic interfaces are more subjective, by definition. What is cluttered and clunky to one person might seem like the right balance of options to another person. Reviews include screenshots of important parts of a site so readers can get a taste of what the interface is like. We encourage readers to try out different sites and see how their experiences compare to ours. However, reviewers have extensive experience on a wide variety of sites, so they tend to know what most users appreciate in terms of aesthetics. For balance, the comments on the bottom of each review offer different views on each site, too. Another aspect to consider checking deals with extras, annoyances and customer service. For some, advertisements don’t even register in their field of vision. They are professionals at ignoring ad space. Others find that ads distract significantly from their experience. Also, if in a bind, players need to know if they should pack it up for the day or if customer service will reply in a timely manner. makes a point to test customer service and include a full report in our reviews.