Crescent Solitaire is a classic card game that is played with two decks of cards. The cards are automatically mixed together and dealt. The game is shaped like a crescent which gives it the name. The game consists of eight foundations in the middle and is kings and aces. There are sixteen piles that consist of the other cards that need to be placed in the foundations. The kings are built down by suit to aces, while the aces are built up to the kings.
The kings are placed in a row and the aces are formed in a row right below the kings. There are ninety six remaining cards that form the sixteen piles on the outside. These are the cards that need to be moved either on the foundations or in suits on other piles. Only one card can be moved at a time. Cards from the center cannot be moved into the outer most piles. Out of the sixteen piles on the outer most part if you do go through the whole pile those spaces cannot be filled by other existing cards.
The object of course is to move all the cards from the outer piles onto the center foundation areas. On the outer piles the topmost card on each can be moved onto another pile if they are the same suit and in ascending or descending order. An example a three of hearts can be placed onto a four of hearts. This will essentially help you build suits in the outer most piles. So when you have the right number in ascending or descending foundations it makes it easier to complete a full suit.
Play of the game continues until no further moves are possible. When you have this happen you can shuffle the cards. You have a maximum of three shuffles per game played. If you happen to get stuck along the way you have a hint button that can be used. Your limit on the hint button is only five per game. Those are two things while playing that you want to remember as you go along.
Also it is important to remember that while shuffles are made, it is only the bottom card of the pile. Any sequences that you have made in that pile will not move or be shuffled. All the cards in the foundation piles can be moved except the base cards. The game will also tell you in the bottom corner how many moves are still available. This game gives you a score and there is no time limit set to have to worry about.
In conclusion, this is a very challenging solitaire game especially if you compare to the classic simple version. It will challenge your mind and make you think. It does take a lot of focus on the player’s part to make sure you have no possible moves before you hit the shuffle button. Once you run out of shuffles you almost have no choice but to hit the quit button. I have never actually played this game before now so I must say it is addicting but I have yet to win. But my main focus now is how badly I want too which keeps me trying at least. It is a very interesting game I think what makes it challenging is trying to gather cards and make separate piles. In ascending or descending orders which makes it difficult to make sure you have the right suits, and you’re actually going in the right order. Playing with two separate decks of cards is what can throw you off a little. All in all it is definitely a very cool and relaxing card game I think people should at least try.


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