Hardcourt Basketball is promoted as the ultimate hardcore basketball on court game by crazy monkey games. Upon accessing it, one also has the opportunity to click on additional games by crazy monkey. The options one will uncover upon logging into the game include the ability to view scores, arcade, and “quick”. Accessing the view scores will outline those that have accumulated the best results. This is a good reference point to determine how well one has progressed toward mastering the game. Arcade allows the user to create the look of their individual basketball player. One can be as creative as their imagination permits. Start out by choosing the type of hair the player exhibits, including the color, length, and style. Next, one can choose to add goggles for the player or go without them. Facial hair is an option including a mustache, beard or clean cut. The next button offers every player the choice of uniform style. One can make a choice of the color of jersey and shorts that will stand out versus your competition. Finally, add an original name to your player, which will show up in lights if your score is higher than your peers.

Now that one has their player ready for action, the next step is to click on the quick button and identify if one or two players will be participating in the next match up. One can play versus the computer or Hardcourt Basketball permits one to play against a peer for bragging rights. Prior to beginning, click on the question mark icon located on the lower left of the screen which will outline how one maneuvers their player from side to side, up and down, and how to shoot or steal the basketball. First to fire up a shot, one has to press the space bar on the keyboard. If making an attempt to steal the ball, depress the zero key. In order to move your player around the basketball court, one will need to click the keyboard keys w, a, s, and d. Just ensure one does not over utilize moving the player around too frequently since there is a stamina gage that identifies how much energy each player has presently. The more attempts one makes at stealing the ball from their opponent, the less stamina one will have remaining. If a quick pause is required to temporarily suspend the game, simply press the p key which will halt all action until it is depressed again.

At the start of each game, one will participate on a court within a warehouse. As one gets further along in the game by defeating opponents, the option of playing on other platforms are offered up including downtown court, college, beachside, building top, and a virtual basketball court. One is ready to begin upon settling upon the difficulty of play that includes an easy, medium, and hard level. Click on the spinning basketball icon to start the game. One has the opportunity to score two point shots as well as moving out to the three point shot line. Importantly, there are no fouls committed, no out of bounds, or traveling violations called since a referee is not present. The key to winning is to move your player in position quickly to grab the basketball before your competitor does so. If done properly, one can hoist up a number of shots over and over again since possessions are not alternated between players. A scoreboard keeps track of the outcome along with a timer that allots three minutes per contest. The computer is the home team on the scoreboard if one selects a one player game. At the point the match up reaches just ten seconds remaining, the final seconds are loudly ticked off until the final buzzer sounds. Upon completion, the final score is displayed noting the winner and the “looser”. Click the exit key to try your hand at another contest. [arcadegame]

Court Basketball Game
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