[miau] The Castle Cashalot Slot game is a casino pastime that has a lot of enjoyable benefits for the online casino gamer. The game is focused around an attractive theme and has a lot to offer when it comes to payouts. This game will quickly become one of your favorite online slot games. Read on for a list of the unique features that this slot game offers users who have the privilege of playing this game!

castle_cashalot_slot_machine1. Castle Cashalot is very eye-appealing.

With a rich medieval and chivalrous theme, the Castle Cashalot online slot game is very attractive to those that are playing it. The reels feature various characters, including a princess with long brown flowing hair and a bright red dress, a decrepit-looking and gray-haired old sorcerer dressed in purple linen, and a dashing prince brandishing a sword and decked in a gray uniform. There is also a goblet of a solid gold and the letters “A”, “Q”, and “K” decked out in several magnificent banners. One of the hallmarks of a good casino slot is how appealing it is to the eyes. This slot game definitely delivers on that requirement and then some, capitalizing on their theme to give users the ultimate pleasurable gaming experience.

2. Castle Cashalot has an exploding reels feature.

The exploding reels feature can be triggers with a certain combination of symbols as designated in the pay table. All winning values are displayed in the “Won” field and it is also important to note that the Excalibur symbol was not explode when it has been matched in a 1, 3, or 5 reel. This exploding reels feature is beneficial to you because it has the potential to increase your winnings. The “Exploding Reels” feature remains active until there no longer is any winning combinations to be scored.

3. Castle Cashalot has easy rules to follow.

First of all, the user is allowed to bet 2 pounds per spin for a total of 50 pounds across the 25 spins. Next, the user is able to place a bet as low as .01 pence if they need to. This is good for those users who are on a budget. Users must also be aware that winnings are only paid out on the highest combinations on lines that have been enabled. Another great feature allows players of this game to auto-play up to fifty different games at a time if they wish. Finally, if the bonus symbol appears in lines 1, 3, or 5, then the opportunity to accrue bonus winnings exists for the user. Moreover, the bonus symbol does not have to appear on a winning line in order for it be triggered!

4. Castle Cashalot offers a progressive jackpot as well.

If these features weren’t enough for the gaming enthusiast this slot game also offers a progressive jackpot. Initially funded at 5000 pounds, the progressive jackpot actually after midnight. In order for a gamer to qualify for the progressive jackpot they need to place a 2 pound bet on any one of the lines. They cannot win more than one jackpot per bet, and they are also able to win a percentage of the progressive jackpot if they get Camelot to line up on one enabled line.

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