Although Car Eats Car 3 – Twisted Dreams is rated for kids, teens and adults will find it entertaining and fun. The game is categorized as cars, driving and sport. It offer simple to use controls and allow players to earn rewards and bonuses as they drive to the next exit in a quest to rescue a pink car taken by a villainous clown.

Clicking the play button causes a sidebar to pop out on the left side. The sidebar has Saves at the top and three options to start a new game are displayed on gold flags in the foreground of empty slots. Once you click on start a new game, you are taken to a comic book like screen with a red car and a pink car in the foreground and a young couple, a woman and a man, are in the background. In the five-scene story line, the pink car is being grabbed by a claw, the women’s eyes with the highlighted corners of her eyes may represent tears. In the following scene, the man appears to be sweating and the last scene shows the pink car being lifted and taken away by the claw that’s attached to a rolling wheel. The wheel appears to be in the control of a clown character in the center with various boxes, control or gears at his disposal.

After clicking the play button, at the top of the screen you are told to choose a game and a sidebar on the right has option including the Main Menu, Help and More Games above the logo. The playing field gives you four options for game play: (1) Car Eats Car 3 Twisted Dreams; (2) Car Eats Car 2 Deluxe Arena; (3) Car Eats Car 2 Mad Dreams; and (4) Car Eats Car 1 Carnibalism. After an attempt to play the Car Eats Car 1 Carnibalism that had a green car with a grill full of bloody teeth that looked really sinister, another window opened I closed the window and returned to the game selection window.

While waiting for the game to load in the Car Eats Car I window, you will see the small logo and other recommended games in the right sidebar. When you scroll down you will find playing instructions that is simply stated, “Fight your way to the finish, but avoid nasty trucks and bombs,” beneath the picture of the red car with a nasty green truck on its tail. A summary of how to control the car informed players to use: up=accelerate, down= brake and reverse; left/right (arrow)=balance, spacebar=jump; x=turbo; and z=bomb. The game is also noted as sports, cars and kids categories. The playing field never loaded and remained black but the music played.

After closing the window and selecting Car Eats Cars 3, a page of buttons that resembled a calculator but actually offered 20 different levels of the game appeared. There was also a sidebar with buttons that included Level Packs button in red with white lettering, a blue Help button with gold lettering and a Statistics button of the same coloring, a green button with gold lettering and a star for Achievements and a Shop button in green with gold lettering twice as thick as the others. The only active button was for Level 1 and was the only button colored in light blue with gold lettering for the 20 levels. After clicking the selection, the music picked up the tempo and the screen changed showing the red car. Level 1 select mode was at the top of playing field and the side bar held your current ranking which were -25 hearts, =25 rubies, =25 % golden cog wheels as well as a light blue More Games button, Levels button in green and gold, a button with choices of normal, expert or mad modes and the click to start button.

When you start you have a view of the side of the car and pressing the up arrow key starts it to travel to the right. You can get the game instructions that tell you how to play by clicking the Help button. The instructions are a little different than the ones for Car Eats Car 1 Carnabalism because the space bar is for using your bombs to destroy attacking cars and trucks. During Level 1 play you can use your turbo boost to try to escape, turned flips by pressing the left and right arrow keys which allows your roof-mounted gun to shoot at the other cars and allows your car to be on top the other cars to avoid damage.

At the end of the level you are given a report that tells you how many gold wheels, diamonds and awards you have earned during play. Clicking on the green button with the flashing gold letters that spell “Shop”, you are taken to a screen where you can buy enhancements for your vehicle. When you click on the green button with a gold star and flashing red bubble that contains a yellow exclamation mark, the Awards screen gives you your ranks and the bonuses you earned. Ranks include Explorer and you can earn golden wheels. Destroyed enemies earn bonuses as well. The mechanic ranking earn you repair kits and golden wheels. You will see a total of the golden wheels and rubies you have earned during play when you return to select and start the next level. You will earn more awards on the next levels including such ranks as Rank 2 Mechanic which earns you 5 repairs and 8 golden wheels, Super Hero Ranking that comes with super bonuses and golden wheels, Rank 1 Driver for covering 5 km distance and you are awarded more golden wheels. There is also a total of the number of golden wheels and rubies you earn before you select the next level. You can check your statistics to find out totals including number of enemies destroyed, premium parts collected, number of awards earned, number of bombs used and other statistics.

The game is fun and can be exhilarating as you try to escape other vehicles and avoid damage, collect rubies and cog wheels, learn to fly through the air, earn points by turning flips and continue on your quest to get to the next exit. You can decorate and enhance your vehicle as well as equip it to be a vehicle of destruction for all who attack. See how many levels you can reach, how many awards you can earn and how many rubies and wheels you can collect, try out the free game. [arcadegame]

Car Twisted Dreams Game
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