[miau] Isn’t it the goal of every person who walks into a casino to bust the bank there? They all want to wager some money in order to try to win a lot more money from the casino. With that money comes whatever possessions they decide to spend it on as well as the great stories that they will have to tell others. Bust The Bank Slot machine tries to create that experience for players regardless of their level of success on their bets.

bust_the_bank_slot_machineThe symbols in this game appear on the metal wall of a bank. They come flying down and the player hopes that enough of them land in order to produce some wins. The symbols include things like a police dog, a thief, a police officer, and more. These are all of the cartoonish type descriptions that we might have for a bank robbery. As such, many people find this part of the game kind of funny and yet appealing at the same time. It appeals to their sense of the robbery.

A player chooses how many coins they would like to wager in this game. They can only choose this and the value of those coins for each wager. The minimum amount of coins is 30 while the maximum stands at 600. This is important to remember because truthfully those are the only two options that a player has to choose from in terms of how much they are going to wager on this game.

The scatter symbol in this game is appropriately a bomb. The player who gets at least 3 of these bombs to appear on their screen has been lucky enough to land some free spins. Who wouldn’t like that? Most players jump at the opportunity to have some free spins in any game, and this one certainly provides them as well. The great thing about the free spins is obviously that they do not cost the player any money. However, they are also a good thing because the free spins are much more likely to produce winning combinations and amounts of money not likely to be seen during other facets of the game.

It is paramount for players to try to land as many of the bonus games as they can in the Bust the Bank game. Such bonus games are where the majority of the money is won, and any player who understands this must also realize that this is the kind of things that they want to be a part of. As such, they may want to consider playing larger amounts on each spin in order to generate the kind of results that they are hoping to see. Missing out on betting big means that the winnings are contained at lower levels as well, and no one likes to see that in the long run. They are there to bust the bank and doing so requires a little risk.

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