[mrgreen] Whenever a new online slot machine is introduced, there is always the question as to what kind of audience the machine will attract. The more successful slots are the ones that seem to appeal to a broad spectrum of players and that is what makes the Burning Desire Slot machine so popular.

burning_desire_slot_machineThe Look And Sounds Of Old Vegas

Burning Desire uses those familiar Las Vegas symbols that players have grow accustomed to such as wedding bells, hearts, flowers and diamonds. When you spin the wheels on Burning Desire, you get a sound that takes you right back to the lobby of any Vegas casino. As a throwback type of game Burning Desire works very well and it can act as something familiar to people who prefer the old school games.

Something For The Computer Graphics Enthusiasts

As enticing as the old Vegas look can be, it is not enough to make an online slot machine successful. That is why Burning Desire incorporates sharp graphics, smooth animation and a round of newer sound effects that let you know what you have hit a jackpot. When you start spinning the wheels of Burning Desire, you definitely get to enjoy the latest in Internet graphic and sound technology.

How You Can Win

One of the reasons that Burning Desire is becoming so popular in the world of Internet casinos and online slot machines is because of the variety of ways that you can win. In total, Burning Desire offers an astonishing 243 different ways for you to win with each pull. To do this, Burning Desire offers a lot of very liberal winning combinations.

For example, if on your first spin you got a flower on wheels one, two and three in any position on those wheels, then you win. There is a gold coin scatter symbol and a burning heart that acts as a wild. If you get any of these in your spins, then that enhances your winnings. There are also burning flowers, bells and diamonds that can appear as well.

What You Can Win

As you start playing the Burning Desire slot machine, you will start to see your winnings pile up quickly. A unique feature of this game is that it allows you to win 15 free spins when you get three or more gold coins in a row. In this instance, the coins must be on the same row for you to win.

If you get lucky enough to see the right combination of symbols on your spin, then you could win up to 90,000 coins on a single spin. But even the opportunities to double and triple your winnings on a single spin can help to add to your winnings.

Burning Desire makes it easy to win and it also gives you plenty of options to win free spins as well. There are few online slot machines that offer 243 ways to win and the opportunity to win 15 free spins with one play, which is what has helped Burning Desire to be one of the most popular machines on the Internet. There is always the chance that you will have a losing spin on any online slot machine, but Burning Desire does everything it can to keep those losses at a minimum.

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