[mrgreen] Break Da Bank Slot machine game is considered one of the best casinos games. The game is full of suspense and allows the player to experience a good time when playing. Users can enjoy a three reel, five play-line and slot machine (five coin). The game comes with a free casino software download and the option to register an account. New players will get over $1000 in a free bonus. The game comes with a really good jackpot, which is why it is very tempting to play.

The maximum amount of coins that can be used for a slot payment is 2,400 coins. The symbol for the Break Da Bank icon is wild and represents a winning combination. If a player gets one Break da Bank symbol, they are owed four times the amount they completed. Having three Break da Bank symbols on a pay-line will create a winning combination (this does not mean the player will multiply their win). The following payout rate goes as follows: 3 Dollar symbols; 160 coin win, 3 3- Bar Symbols; 80 coin win, and so on. Users of the game will be able to see a payout table and how many coins they can receive for each enabled pay-line. The amount paid to the player depends on the type of symbols displayed on the payline.

To set a wager, players can set it on the reels. Other players must match the wager. The most that a player can wager is 360 credits. The theme of the game is centered around a bank robbery (hence the name of the slot machine game). Some of the symbols included in the game include: diamonds, cash, coins and poker images. Players also have the opportunity to receive more rewards. One of the symbols that will allow for more rewards is the wild symbol. This symbol can replace the others. When the better is able to get a winning combination, everything they have won is multiplied by five. If a player is able to rack up at least three symbols, they will receive up to 25 free spins. Any winnings that are earned during the free spins will be multiplied by 25.

Break da Bank Slot Game Tips

One tip that will allow the player to have long-term success is to always set a budget for betting before starting the game. Customers of the game are advised to have discipline and try to come up with a strategy when playing. The game is aimed at users who don’t mind playing hard. Some Break da Bank symbols substitute for missing symbols, and this is what players should keep an eye on. Symbols can also serve as a multiplier. If a symbols spins into a payline, then it will create more winning combinations. The winnings will then double. Break da Bank is considered one of the most generous games available to those who like easy, but strategic winnings from online games. The maximum payment available is 2400 coins. Players can often use the game without having to download software.

The game comes with over 5 paylines. There are no bonus games available but it does come with free spins. Players will have access to a jackpot and five reels.

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