Playing online slots is getting more and more popular, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are fun plays – or even worth your time. Many of the Boomanji Slot machine review writers are singing the praises of this revamped version of the classic online slot. There is good reason to become a fan, this is an online slot machine game that gets it right.
The Boomanji Style
Even though this is billed as a revamped and upgraded online slot machine, what you are going to find is a machine you recognize immediately. That’s what is really catching player’s interest. Rather than complicate a simple game because you can with online design possibilities, the developers adopted the KISS approach as their guiding method. Keep It Simple Stupid is something all game designers should review when designing a game, and Boomanji is bound to be an online slot machine that will be studied as it truly gets it right.
The Game Play
The layout of this video slot style game will look familiar, it is a classic design. The play screen features a 5 reel, 10 line machine. The core set is at 2,500 coins. It also features multi-directional payouts and wildcards. The graphics all revolve around fireworks and all things associated with them. The wildcards are styled as firecracker crate boxes. The play and bet buttons are arrayed across the bottom of the screen, just like the real video slot machines. The choice of sticking with a classic design means you will understand the play instantly. There is no need for a tutorial with this game.
Betting is available on Boomanji. The bets are set before the spin with payout options too. The minimum bet comes in at 2 cents, and the max is a half dollar bet. This may sound like small change, but it can add up quickly with the special bonus round features. It is also the ideal bet amount to help you practice your slot machine strategy. This game is a good play, and a good tool to increase your rate of return on all machines.
Bonus Rounds
The main feature that is drawing players to Boomanji is the bonus round. Surprisingly, this isn’t something that many of the online slot games include. The set up for the bonus round is simple. It is based on an expanding model of wild cards. Instead of having a single wild card appear, the chance is for three to appear. The firecracker crate image is what you are looking for. If it appears in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel – it is wild. If it appeals in multiple reels, the reels value multiplies exponentially. With each instance of a wild card expansion, you also get 3 free rounds. Wild cards stay for the round so you can maximize your bonus in ways unimaginable before. This should explain why Boomanji slot machine is getting such great player reviews too.
What’s to love about Boomanji?
Besides the bonus rounds, the real thing to love about the Boomanji slot machine game is that it is flash based. This means the play is fluid and fast. You don’t have to have any special systems, and you can even play it easily from mobile platforms. The controls are intuitive and everything on the screen is exactly where you would expect to find it on a real slot machine. Boomanji’s creators took great care to replicate a classic video slot machine online for your enjoyment.
What isn’t all that great about it
Boomanji is really great, and fast. There is little to fault in the play and design, the bonus rounds expand so you can really sit back and rake it in. The only complaint about the bonus rounds is that they are styled the same. Its fireworks in the first three, and then wildcards. If you need more flash and splash to keep you interested, you won’t stay long on Boomanji. It is a styled like a classic video slot, not a video game.
Beating the online machine
If you ask the companies that make and run online slots they will tell you that there is no such thing as strategy with them. That is where they are wrong. All slot machines, real or virtual, have encoded patterns that you can detect if you employ strategy. Boomanji is a great slots to practice your strategy on because it is well designed and has bonus rounds. Bonus rounds can power your winnings and offset losses easily.
The only strategy you need
The only strategy that works with slots is to build and search. Building refers to building up your bankroll. Even if you feel hot and are hitting on the first few spins, bet conservatively to build up your bankroll slowly. You want to bet the minimum for as long as it takes to complete “the search.” The search is the pattern of payoff and hits a machine is programmed to make. These machines are all based on algorithms that no matter how advanced, are little more than a predictable patter. You need to search for that pattern.
Spotting the pattern
When you can spot 10 payouts in a row, you are ready to start betting to win. The payouts may not come in a simple pattern, such as paying off every 50 spins. The pattern may be more complex such as 50, 30, 40, 75, 20 and so on. Variety of payoffs is how the casinos win. Build your pot and wait while you search for the pattern you need. Playing free Boomanji lets you perfect the search so you know what is really involved.

Boomanji Slot
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