BMX master is arguably one of the best stunt games available in the market. Just like the gaming title is suggesting, BMX bike master is a stunt game that award gamers points depending with the trickery of the stunt performed while on mid-air and the safety that the biker demonstrates while landing.

BMX master is developed by integrateon, Inc. which is an outsourcing and software development company. Since the game made its market debut in 2010, it has become a huge success in the global gaming community with more than a million downloads.

BMX master playing style is relatively simple from the beginning. There is no story line involved that a gamer should be bothered with but just to move in a certain direction while jumping and performing stunts. Players begin playing the game by selecting between either of the two levels which are attack or the championship mode, and the playing fun begins. Regardless of the selected gaming mode, as a player you must control the BMX bike’s momentum using the “up” and “down” directional keys on the keyboard. The mid-air balance is controlled using the left and right keys that tilt the bike in either of the direction.

Keys 1-8 enable gamers to perform a multitude of tricks using the bike while on mid-air, and it is also possible to conduct front and back flips manually. The tricks earn the rider a certain number of points, and depending with the complexity of the bike trick performed the more points that get rewarded. The enter key is used to change the direction of the BMX bike. However, the only drawback is that as a gamer you are only allowed to change the direction once.

BMX master championship mode comprises of series of levels whereby each of these levels require the gamer to accumulate a certain number of points before being allowed to progress to a more advanced level. The time attack mode is more or less a replica of the championship mode and the only notable difference is that you must score certain number of points within a given time limit in order to be promoted to play at more advanced level.

BMX master gameplay is outrageously simple. It is possible to conduct unimaginable tricks and stunt moves borrowed from popular BMX bike events such as the globally renowned Red Bull BMX event. With BMX master there are series of ramps placed one after the other, and performing the tricks while playing is relatively simple because as a gamer you are only required to push appropriate key combinations and as long as there is enough airtime for the gamer, the trick is performed mid-air. Gamers are able to soar high into the skies.

The game comes with eight amazing airborne stunts that can be performed and these include “Superman Seat Grab”, “Double Candy Bar”, and the awesome “No-Hander”. The central theme of the game is to accumulate as much points as possible. Depending with the complexity of the stunt, the more points get rewarded.

When pulling the stunts mid-air you must always land down, and the better you land, the more points get rewarded. You can also hit the green flags to receive special tasks such as collecting coins to boost your points. In case you are a very good gamer and you happen to reach the target score before your playing time lapses, there is a multiplier effect that gives bonus points.

When you score the minimum number of points within the prescribed time limit, you unlock new bikes with enhanced maneuverability capabilities. You also unlock new character and gaming themes with superb graphics.

Due to the simplicity of the game, BMX master can be enjoyed with people from all walks of life. The game can be enjoyed with kids from around four years of age as well as senior citizens with more than seventy years.

Gamers should avoid crushing the bike, because, the game is designed in such a manner that when you crush, then you must begin the game afresh with zero points.
The theme of the game is also exceptionally designed. The background images and the themes are professionally designed. The sound graphics is excellent because it mimics real life event. The excellent orchestrated graphics enhances the gaming experience.

BMX master is designed with several cheat codes that can be used to illustrate an exciting gaming style. There is also a community message board that can be used to initiate gaming discussions. Through the interactive message board there is a Game FAQ section that addresses common issues related to the game and this includes how to play the game and also troubleshooting tips for your machine to enjoy superb gaming experience. These are the main reasons why BMX master is considered the best stunt bike game in the market.

However, before enjoying the game, the computer system must have adobe flash player and shockwave plugin installed. The game can be enjoyed using any popular internet browser, or it can be downloaded into a personal computer that supports Windows 98,2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

BMX master is a freeware application and this means that the game does not come with a licensing fee, and the game file is also very small because it requires less than 7 megabytes of hard drive space. The game is also compatible with iOS platform and this means it can be played on an iPhone or iPad tablet machine.

BMX Master Game
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