Bicycle Run may be the weirdest game you have ever played in your life. You know that it is going to be a bicycle racing game, but the game is so much more than that. Bicycle Run is the kind of game you play when you are bored, and you want will get a good laugh out of the game because it is so weird. This is the kind of strange game you keep playing because it is so strange. You just have to bear with us while we explain this very cool game to you in terms that hopefully make sense.

Who Are You?

You are the goofy looking guy on the home page that appears to have already had a few accidents before he even gets to the start line. You may be completely out of your depth, but you are going on a bicycle race no matter what. You have to think about what it is going to be like to ride a bicycle the way he is going to ride it, and you should remember that the bicycle is going to respond much like it would in the real world.

Where Are You Going

Bicycle Run is the kind of game that takes you to places that you would not normally go. No sane person would ride a bicycle this way, but you are in a video game, so you get to do things that normal people are not going to do. Throw caution to the wind and ride into oncoming traffic while you try to rack up points. This is the kind of game that rewards risk, and you will still scare yourself when you almost get run over by a truck or run into an animal that is crossing the road.

How Hard Is It?

Bicycle Run is deceptive because you would think that it is not that hard. The game looks like it would be a doddle to just play for a little while while you are wasting time, but this game is anything but easy. Bicycle Run is going to get faster and faster as you go. You have to imagine how hard it is going to be ride a bicycle like that in real life, and now you have to imagine how fast it can go because a computer is controlling it. Bicycle Run will speed up so fast that you can barely keep up and you will crash at some point. Keep your eyes on the screen, and do not allow yourself to get distracted.

How Far Can You Go?

Bicycle Rune has many different levels that will keep you interested for quite a while. You should start slow in Bicycle Run because you will get to a stage where you are struggling because the levels are so hard. This game is one of those that is going to blow your mind because it is so hard, but you will love trying to figure out all the levels once you get them down. Then you can go back and do all the easy levels again at blazing speeds. You will impress yourself, and you will be able to earn so many points that you cannot believe that the game was once hard to you.

The Leaders

There is a leaderboard for all the players who log in from around the world, but you cannot climb that board unless you are working on the game a little bit every day. The people that are climbing the boards are working hard to get good at the game, and the best players are the ones that improve on their scores every day. You have to be committed to getting as many points as you can when youa re playing the game, and you have to make sure that you keep coming back. Allow Bicycle Run to get addictive so that you are never not thinking about playing it.

Who Is It For?

Kids can play this game for the hand eye coordination, or adults can play the game because it is good fun. You will feel like you are playing a cross between a few of the old games that you once had on your old systems, and you will be able to enjoy those games more than you ever have before. This is the time for you to start playing because you want to, and this can be the game that you play when you need to waste a little time.

Bicycle Run is the kind of game you play because you have nothing else to do, but it is the game that gets you addicted at the same time. Let Bicycle Run be your guilty pleasure so that you can enjoy a little bit of fun almost getting run over on the road. [arcadegame]

Bicycle Run Game
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