Betfair review by is a casino that focuses on not just typical casino offerings but also sports, horse racing and bingo. This allows everyone the opportunity to bet as they desire in an online forum. The site focuses on teaching people about gaming as well as responsible gambling. Additionally, the site supports an array of languages so that people around the world can use the site.

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Betfair Home Promotions
Promotions are always going on through the website. This includes joining in order to get an instant bonus of money and no deposit is required. Some of the other promotions include a welcome bonus where money is matched upon deposit as well as free spins within the live casino. Other offers vary throughout the year based upon sports competitions that can be bet on.

As people play, the earn comp points. For every bet, comp points will be earned and it doesn’t matter whether it results in a winning or losing bet. For every 100 points, £1 is earned. This makes it possible to earn a considerable amount of money over time. The loyalty is provided to ensure that people continue to use Betfair as their online casino.

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Casino Games

Betfair Games

There are countless games to play throughout the online casino. This includes dozens of slots, which are categorized as those with bonus rounds, free spins and by pay line. Some of the slots feature more than 25 pay lines, which can help to increase the chances of winning something on every spin. There are many branded slot machines, which is not very common through the online casinos. Some of the themes include Blade, Spiderman, Britain’s Got Talent, Six Million Dollar Man, X-Men and Marvel. The betting minimums are low so a person can wager as low as a penny per pay line.

Table games are found on Betfair as well. Craps, Sic Bo, and roulette are some of the games that are available. While they don’t offer as many table games as some of the casinos, there are a number of roulette versions that can add excitement to the game. There are American and European wheels and there is also a live version. Live roulette means that there is a real dealer standing at a real wheel, which can make it feel much more like a real casino. It’s possible to see the dealer, talk to her, and interact just like what would be expected at any roulette table around the globe.

Card games are placed separately from the table games, even though they are considered table games by anyone else’s standards. These are the games that include Caribbean poker, blackjack, baccarat, poker and pai gow. There are some live versions found here as well, including live blackjack and live baccarat. They have female dealers that are friendly and make it possible for people to interact with the dealer to enjoy the games a little more. There are low betting minimums, too, which allows anyone to play the games that they want to play without breaking the bank in the process.

Betfair has an arcade within the betting options of the casino as well. This allows players to choose from such games as darts, scratch offs, bowling and various other games. They can be fun to play as well as to bet on for a more interesting form of gambling, though there is no control with the darts, bowling and other games so it is random in terms of where the things are going to go. Many would assume that they are the ones throwing the darts or throwing the ball down the lane, but it is not the case, which takes some of the fun out of such games.

Video poker is another option within Betfair, which is a common feature amongst online casinos. These feature such classics as Tens or Better, Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, as well as some unique ones such as 10 and 25 line poker that provides for more action at one time These can be very fast paced, which is what many people are looking for.

What’s unique about Betfair is that all of the games have a demo. This allows players to see what the game is all about before playing with real money. The demo version provides the opportunity to play the game for free, which makes it possible to see some of the betting strategies and how the game plays out. Game combinations and such are explained on the site and there are rules provided within some of the more complicated games. A ‘repeat bet’ feature is provided throughout the games as well, which allows for being able to repeat without remembering where the bets were placed. This can speed up the process for playing multiple games in a short period of time. During the demo, there is the opportunity to switch over to real money with the click of a button.

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The Sports Aspect

Betfair Sports
Betfair has made a name for itself around the world because it’s not just an online casino. Online betting for sports is also found throughout the site. This includes being able to bet on games such as football, horse racing, cricket, tennis and soccer. There are in-play games and the spreads are clearly written out so that people know what the odds are. It’s possible to make wagers while the game is “in play” as well as to make bets on games that take place over the next several days. The website features details about all of the upcoming games, the times that they play, and what the odds are. There are also highlights so that people know what teams are going to be in the championships. In-play is provided on all of the games so that a person can look at some of the score before determining if they want to make a bet or not. The betting closes later on in the game, which helps more people to get in on the game if they so desire.

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For people who love poker, Betfair has a special portion of the site dedicated to poker. This includes downloading software specifically for the poker. After that, there are various ways to play poker using the software. This includes cash games, tournaments, sit & go as well as Texas hold ‘em. With such games, a person can decide how and when they want to play. There is always some form of poker going on so that a player can get involved in a game. It’s a fresh take on poker because it involves being able to play against real players from around the world. Most of the tournaments have a low buy-in and are either hold ‘em or Omaha. The details will be listed on the tournament website and rebuys are possible in about half of all of the tournaments that are going on.

Getting Started

Betfair makes it easy to get started so that there isn’t a lot of time wasted creating an account. Anyone can explore the demos without even creating an account. From there, a person simply needs to register for an account, which involves filling out personal information and establishing a username and password. If a person wants to play for fun that’s where it stops. For those who want to play for real money, a deposit needs to be made. This can be done with credit and debit cards, wire transfers, check deposits and more. Neteller and PayPal are not options within the casino, which can make it hard for some people to make a deposit.

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Playing the games can be done on a mobile device as well as by downloading the software. The software isn’t very large and can be downloaded within a few minutes depending on the connection. There are apps for Android and iOS devices, so virtually anyone can play on a mobile device. There are not yet apps for people who have Windows or BlackBerry devices, however. The games that are offered on the mobile version are not the same as what is offered on the website, however. There are only about a dozen games that can be played in a mobile environment, including slots, roulette, blackjack and video poker. Any of the other games would need to be played through the software.

When money has been won, there is the opportunity to withdraw funds using a check, ACH, a cage withdrawal and more. It takes a few days to process the request but it is comparable to many of the other online sites.

The Security of Betfair

Betfair has been around a long time and they have learned about security so that there are minimal risks for those who use the site. They recommend using a password of 8 or more characters and there is a two-step authentication process as a way to ensure that an account is not compromised. The site also uses SSL protocol when any information is transmitted across the Internet. A great feature that the site has recently added is a section entitled ‘My Security’ which allows players to go in and monitor all of the logins on their account to see if anyone else, such as family members, have logged in under them. If there are any logins that are unauthorized, a player knows that they need to modify the security credentials or contact Betfair to make some changes.

All of the logins are encrypted and the site works to protect personal devices by reducing trojans, phishing, and various other forms of attacks that are used by hackers. Betfair has also been awarded the ISO 27001 certification, which is proof that the website operates using the highest level of security possible.

Security is also in the form of responsible gambling. There is a ‘Player Protection’ area where players can determine the loss limits by week, month, and year to ensure that they are not gambling to the level of being uncomfortable financially. There are also options for people to set up how many deposits they may as well as the overall exposure limit so that a person can limit how much time they are gambling in a day. These are all controls to help a person control their gambling so that they don’t reach an addictive level.


Overall, Betfair is a comprehensive gambling site that is much more than an online casino due to the offerings of sports betting, poker and arcade games. The site is simple to use and offers mobile gaming as well as a software download. Minimum bets are low, allowing anyone to play the games that they want regardless of whether it’s slots, cards or table games. Adding money to the account is fast and withdrawing is fast as well. The site is self-explanatory and all of the games provide a demo so that people know what to expect prior to playing with real money.

The security is within as well so that people know that their information is protected when they send it as well as when they are on the site. Gambling responsibility is also seen by providing countless controls for players to be able to control how much they are able to deposit and gamble away by day, week and month. Betfair has covered all of the bases and offers more than the average online casino.

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