World Cup offers / promotions combine a very catchy online betting site name with the most popular sport in the world. “” is offering a number of special promotions to increase your winnings and keep you entertained. Here is a list of their most prominent World Cup FIFA Brazil 2014 offers.

Top World Cup Promotions on

Brazil! Nuff said.

Isn’t Brazil the ideal location for the World Cup in 2014? Of course it is. FIFA World Cup Football (Soccer) offers many intriguing story lines: region versus region, player versus player and even player versus himself (which player will lose his composure?). All create a myriad of betting possibilities for the beautiful game.

Ole’ Ole’ Ole’ – fans are pumped up for World Cup FIFA Brazil!

FIFA World Cup in Brazil is a month-long competition from June 12th to July 13th, 2014. Unlike one sporting contest day, punters can spend hours, days and weeks of enjoyment with FIFA action. They can sprinkle a number of bets within one game, on one team or do some risk management to hedge their favorites.

This is the pinnacle of sporting competitions drawing the most fan coverage worldwide. Great television and online coverage makes it so entire nations are riveted to their screens. Some countries declare unofficial days off from work when their national team plays.

The popularity of the sport will allow seasoned Premier League Football (Soccer) punters, as well as new punters to enjoy the hobby. wants you to last all 90 minutes (plus extra time) of each game and to the final match. Its promotions keep you in the game by smoothing over the rough unforeseen extreme events, like no goals. Here is how to navigate their website. User Interface and Navigation has the latest gaming features for you to enjoy any sporting contest or event. The site is well-laid-out with a lime green color scheme. If you ever get lost, you can usually just type in keywords in the upper-right-hand corner search box to find listings.

From the “Home Page,” you will see a listing of the sports in the left-hand column. You can read up on the latest news for the World Cup injuries. Click on “World Cup” to get more information. Next, you will see the Overview, Knockout, Venue and Group details. For the promotions and offers, select the “Extra” page.

Bet 365 Extra

Before you start betting on 365, you might want a quick overview of their specific betting rules. For example, they have something called “Unlimited Places on First Goalscorer Each-Way Bets.” This bet will pay out if the player scores at any time during the match. For 90 minutes of play, “Each-Way” bets are settled at 1/3 odds. Check out if this applies to World Cup bets also. Here are some of the site’s best World Cup offers.

World Cup Penalty Payback

Bet 365 wants you to gamble and enjoy yourself. Because of the long time frame for the World Cup, the site doesn’t want you to become disappointed by an early “extreme” game that ruins your mood. Many of its World Cup promotions and offers have this fun concept in mind.

Take the fear out of the unforeseen penalty kick contest with the “ World Cup Penalty Payback.” offers an incredible money back guarantee if the following conditions apply: 1) you place a bet on a team “To Win Outright” and 2) it is eliminated on penalty kicks. Sounds pretty nice to get your cash back on such a high-reward wager. This offer is good for both “Win” and “Each-Way” bets.

One of the more exciting trends in betting is the “In-Play” option. After the opening kickoff, you might sense something wrong and change your bet to avoid catastrophe. There are plenty of times when this is a good “Stop Loss” for an earlier bet.

World Cup Bore Draw Money Back Offer

The “Bore Draw” refers to a goalless final score zero-to-zero (0-0). This can be a drag and one of the primary complaints of those who don’t like the game. When you make any number of bets on a contest and it ends without a score, you might feel cheated.

Well, feels your pain. If you have bet any of the following and no goals are scored, you will get your money back:

  • All Correct Score Markets
  • All Scorecast Markets
  • Anytime Goalscorer
  • First Goalscorer
  • Half-Time/Full-Time
  • Last Goalscorer

All your money on these losing best for the goalless tie, will be refunded. This offer is like a “Do Over” – you get your money back allowing you to continue to bet on future games. Punters can concentrate on enjoying the festivities.

Mobile Betting Offer for Scorecast

As recognizes the popularity of social media and has created an offer just for them. FIFA World Cup Brazil offers a great way for betters to make money each day. You can win 10 Great Britain Pounds (GBP) each day if you correctly predict the Scorecast tally at “”.

Experienced bettors can follow “@bet365 on Twitter” and enter the “#SambaScorecast” hash-tag for special daily prizes. If you predict the Scorecast for the selected matches, you can win 10 GBP. To win, you must select the goal scorer and final score. Previous day scores and winners are listed on the right-hand side. But the fun does not stop there!

All winners will be added to the “Winner’s Table.” Those with more Scorecast wins, will ascend the list. You will also receive added rankings based on the “odds of you having predicted the score correctly.” This Samba Scorecast Winner Table is exclusive company.

The punter at the top of the list by the end of the tournament will be awarded a mystery bumper prize! Show your friends how famous you are. Ink yourself into World Cup FIFA Brazil iconic lore with this great contest. World Cup Bonus & Offers
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