Ever wanted to catch the game from the road? What about at the office? It’s much more convenient if you can simply watch a game online. Bet365 is all new way to catch the latest games right from your computer. With tons of different streaming options, you can find all of your favorite sports games on bet365 including soccer, basketball, handball, rugby, tennis and darts. In addition, you enjoy in-play betting and even focus on the greatest highlights of each match.

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What Games Can You Watch on Bet365

There are all kinds of live sports constantly being streamed at Bet365, which streams over 50,000 events live to computers every year.

Some of the sports streamed at Bet365 include:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Handball
  • Rugby League and Rugby Union
  • Tennis
  • Darts
  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhound Racing

Each of these sports can be streamed live from Bet365 whenever there is an event. You can stream from your computer or you can use the mobile and tablet version of Bet365.

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How Does It Work

It’s very easy to catch all of your favorite games and look at betting markets as well. You can also view the highlights of the game and get statistic information using Bet365’s real-time tools.

With Bet365, you can follow various sports in real time with a tool called Match Live. This tool allows you to track the action of each sports game as it plays. For example, you can catch the most exciting moments of a soccer game like free kicks, goal kicks, throw-ins and corners in addition to the best goals.

You can track the play in real-time graphics and text, which makes you feel like you are part of the action. The console for Match Live displays updates for all of the different highlights throughout the match. With a click of a button, you get a detailed breakdown of what has already happened in the game with statistics.

There are also featured events. Match action graphics appear alongside in-play markets just before the game starts. There are options to zoom in on the graphic or zoom out so that you can watch and make your bets easily. All you have to do is click the “switch layout” button. If events are being live streamed, you can choose to watch the action or switch to the Match Live console with the toggle at the top of the player.

Best of all, you can use Match Live and any of the other tools on Bet365 right from your phone or tablet with the mobile version.

How to Cash Out On Bet365
The Cash out feature works very quickly on Bet365, and it’s also included in the mobile version. Cash out gives you control over all of your bets and allows you to take returns even before game time ends.

While other sports betting apps may make you wait for the end of the game, Bet365 allows you to bet in real-time and cash out before the game is over. You can monitor all of your bets and cash out at any point that you want.

The amount offered for cash out will also depend on how your bets are performing, which means that they could be higher or lower depending on the original stake that you bet. This means that if a bet is doing well, you can allow it to profit further, or if it’s not doing well, you can minimize your losses and cash out quickly.

Bet365 Cash Out tool is available for selected markets on pre-match and in-play betting, as well as on single and multiple bets for all types of sports including popular selections like basketball, tennis and soccer.

Cashing Out is Easy
All you have to do is look at your bets that are eligible to be cashed out. These will be displayed in the “My Bets” section of the “Bet Slip,” which is off to the side on the main dashboard of Bet365.

Now you just place a single or multiple bet, and then you can monitor the “My Bets” section in real-time to see the amount being offered to Cash Out early. If you decide to take the option to cash out before the game is over, click on the “Cash Out” button located beneath any of your bets.

The amount that you choose to Cash Out is fixed, and the bet is settled at the time that you cash out. The final result of the game will not have an impact on the amount returned to your account if you choose to cash out early.

How Promotions Work on Bet365

In addition to regular gaming stats and live streaming, Bet365 also has promotions that you can check out every day. These include lower prices on certain games and even higher payouts when you participate in certain game promotions that are advertised on Bet365. Featured races often have promotions if you back a horse that wins, you also receive a risk-free bet.

Many of the promotions allow you to watch races live around the world for free as well. Other games may cost as little as $1. You can watch these games directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

In addition, you can always catch replays of live events on Bet365 through the “Racing Archive” or “Results & Archive.”

How to Use Results and Archive on Bet365

Another feature of Bet365 allows you to specify different results ranges to look at previously streamed events. You can specify a 24 hours, 48 hours or a specific range of dates in order to see all of the results and videos from those events. You can also view statistics for each of these events as well.

There are also “Quick Search” featured games that typically follow the most popular games of the week. This makes it easy to find statistics for games that you may have missed or games that you may want to bet on in the future based on athlete statistics.

Can You Use Bet365 On Mobile and Tablets?

Bet365 has a robust application for tablet and mobile phones. You can watch live from any mobile phone that supports live streaming, and you can also make bets and get statistics. Live streaming and full in-play coverage for every market is available through the mobile version of Bet365.

The app also supports a wide range of different phones including smartphones like iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. You can also watch games on older Nokia and Blackberry phones. Android and iPad tablets are also compatible.

What is In-Play Multi View?

The new Multi View service on Bet365 allows you to create a page of statistics and videos customized to your liking. You can pick from all of the in-play events available on the site and arrange them in a way that’s most organized and pleasing to you.

Some of the best features of In-Play Multi View allow you to browse available in-play events by sport with the ability to favorite and track multiple scores and times while events are currently in-play.

Bet365 offers the best way to watch sports and make the smartest bets in real-time with very little risk.

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Bet365.com Live Streaming : Information & How It Works
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