The Shockwave Baseball Team Game is a simple, arcade style game. Before beginning the game, I clicked on the “Manual” button in order to receive instructions before beginning the game. However, the manual was not written in English, so I was unable to read it. I would recommend having a “Language” option, so people internationally would be able to read the script.

When playing the game, your only option is to face the computer. I would recommend having an option to face other people online, just to add some diversity to the gameplay.

Once I started the game, I was easily able to figure out how to play the basics of the game. The game did not have any lag time when clicking to swing the bat, which is a plus, because that is a common issue with baseball arcade style games. I was not able to figure out how to run to multiple bases. I tried to click on the base I wanted to run to, and that did not work. There may have been guidance in the manual regarding this, but I was unable to read it. If there is not an option to control which base you run to, I would definitely add this feature so you can obtain a double or triple. I would also add a feature to be able to steal bases if you have a player on base already.

While on defense, you only have control over the pitcher. I like the fact that when you are on defense, your players can automatically catch the ball that is coming towards them. I think it would be difficult to control your players and make them stand in just the right spot in order to catch a ball. However, I think once your player has caught the ball, you should be able to control where he throws the ball. If you are done with the play, then you would throw the ball to the pitcher. If your opponent had a player on base, you would throw the ball to the base they were running towards.

Also, in traditional baseball, if your opponent has a player on first base and another one of their players hits the ball, you would first throw the ball to second base to try to get that player out, then you would throw to first base to try to get that player out. The strategy of this is that it is more beneficial to get the player out who is running to second base, and it is safer to have the other player on first base. This game does not have this feature. When there is a player on first base and another player hits the ball, the game automatically throws the ball to first base, and then it throws the ball to second base to try to get that player out. If the user had control over their defense, they would be able to choose where to throw the ball.

The picture and sound of the game were both crisp and clear. The graphics were a classic arcade style, which will appeal to gaming fans.

Just to make this game stand out from the other baseball arcade games, I would diversify the players. For example, I would make some players large and stocky who are able to hit homeruns fairly easily. You could also add smaller, quicker players who would be able to easily run to multiple bases. When a player is up to bat, you could add an option that showed the user their player’s stats. For example, their stats could include their strength, speed, and accuracy hitting the ball. This would give the user some insight on the player so they would be able to strategize how they wanted to handle the play.

Another nice feature to add to the game would be different uniform selections. I think this would especially appeal to younger users. Younger users would be able to choose their favorite color of uniform to make them feel more connected to the game.

Overall, Shockwave Baseball Team Game is a nice and easy to play arcade game. There are no technical issues, and the concept of the game is simple, which will appeal to baseball gaming fans. [arcadegame]

Baseball Team Game
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