From the creators of Angry Birds, comes a game from the piggies’ perspective. We strive to create the ultimate machine when playing the game in order to get the pigs safely to the prize in this interactive game from Rovio. The goal is transport the Bad Piggies over the finish line, or checkered flag in order to capture the prizes, map pieces in this case of the first level. The game is similar to the hit download, Angry Birds by the same manufacturer, Rovio. During the game, we put on our thinking caps to move the piggies from one end to the other. There are a total of 60 main levels with some sand pit extended levels. The first three main levels include Ground Hot Day, When Pigs Fly, and Look for Hat. In each level there are specific items to collect at the finish line. In the first level, Ground Hot Day we collect pieces of a map. While we complete the second level, When Pigs Fly, we collect other material pieces. In the third level, Look for Hat, we collect hats when crossing the finish line. Within the Sand Box levels, we find special starred boxes that once triggered give us prizes and points. The app has other levels for us to challenge ourselves at, such as the Flight in the Night, Tusk ‘til Dawn, Road to El Porkado, and Road Hogs. The Bad Piggies will ultimately complete challenges in order to capture and take away the Angry Birds’ eggs.

The game has a simple premise but depending on the level, can be very complex to complete. We use gadgets and gizmos like motors, balloons, wheels, and rocket boosters to propel our piggy towards to goals. There are over 30 different objects that we can use throughout the game to explore the possibilities of our imagination. We triumph through multiple stages in order to win each level and move on to more multifaceted game levels. This open-ended puzzle game give us endless possibilities to solve each stage, so there is not one set answer to solve the puzzle. Bad Piggies offer in-app purchases. These purchases can help us unlock tokens that will help us pass levels easier.

From the beginning of the game, we learn how to piece small tools together. For example, adding wheels in order to roll downhill may help our piggy hit the target. In the beginning the levels are we complete are simple to achieve the three stars and progress to next level. Each level builds on the previous. So the next levels we encounter are a little more difficult than the previous. We learn how to use the tools that are available in each level to keep up the progress in winning each round. For each level we build contraptions that hold the pig to get to the finish line or in particular towards the map pieces. The contraption can be composed of a different number of boxes, wheels, balloons, engines, fines, among other supplies that are provided to us. At times, it is the process of elimination that teaches us the most effective way to win a level and progress through the game.

We may get frustrated when we are stuck on a level and feel like we are at a loss using the tools that are set out for us. But If we get completely stumped along the way, the game is designed to give you some hints to help us progress through each level by using the light bulb icon when constructing our contraption. We can also use the book icon at the top of the screen when the attempt to pass a level is completed. The Bad Piggies game is full of innovative engineering to test our resourcefulness with each level we come to. As we move from one level to the next, we can watch our progress from the main screen that displays all of the levels that we must pass.

While we play Bad Piggies, we see that the piggies’ facial expression as the game is played. When we are not doing so well, the piggy looks frustrated and upset. But when we start progressing in the right direction and collecting more pieces of the map, the piggy is delighted and happy. We are also awarded more stars and points for our progress as it improves. This interactive game is fun and forces us to think about the next moves and how to build the resources we may need. Bad Piggies is the best game from Rovio since Angry Birds. It tapes into our imagination and helps us with our creativity when passing through each of the levels. This game is great for users at any age. It helps our creativity grow and is a stellar game to keep us entertained.

Bad Piggies Online Game
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