Rovio’s “Angry Birds Space” marks a monumental achievement in virtual physics. As a sequel to the original smash hits, “Angry Birds” and “Angry Birds Rio,” this comprehensive puzzle game is the favorite title of an entire generation. With hundreds of levels scattered across over a dozen digital galaxies, this 2012 development has become a universal favorite. During the title’s first 35 days of availability, its downloads exceeded 50 million! Let’s take a deeper look at why the game is so popular:

Gameplay Basics

This “Angry Birds” game follows the same principles of its predecessors by following a horde of foul fowls as they seek revenge on “Bad Piggies.” In each level, you will be given a certain set of birdies to launch at the pigs. By crumbling their architecture and setting off chain reactions, you can defeat the oinking enemies to advance towards the next round. Based on the amount of destruction and number of birds remaining, players will be rewarded between one and three stars. Achieving a perfect rating is key to unlocking bonuses later on. Players launch their birds from a slingshot one by one until their catapulting minions destroy the pigs or run out trying.

The Physics

The biggest change in “Angry Birds Space” is the difference in gravity settings. Previous games in this series all took place in flat settings with two-dimensional planes. With this version, anti-gravity is incorporated into the launch trajectories. Users are given an upgraded mechanism for shooting their birds, which includes a visual arc of their projectile path. Each planet possesses its own circular gravity field, and these spherical forces can overlap to create complex motions. Enemies will freeze and die when forced out of their atmosphere. Additionally, each bird comes with a special way of attacking.

The Roster

Players will encounter a lot of different characters in “Angry Birds Space,” and all of them have unique capacities. The standard bird is the small red one, and he is fittingly called Red. He has no discernible talents or power-ups, so he relies on brute force. A larger version of him is also available, and his name is Terrence. The big red bird uses his colossal size to crush huge sections of the battlefield. The explosive bird is named Bomb, and he looks just like one. A second tap will detonate this guy, and the blast will eliminate many obstacles that are otherwise hard to remove. Bubbles is similar, but he wreaks havoc by expanding his body at a set interval. Chuck, who is normally yellow, is purple in this game. His homing missile technology now defies gravity, so he is extra useful for long distance strikes. The Blues also show up, and these triplets act like miniature editions of Red. Meanwhile, Matilda is an egg-laying hen that leaves behind devastating detonations. The pink bird Stella rearranges the textures by lifting blocks with her magic. Finally, there is Ice Bird, which is an exclusive alien character for this release.

The Universe

The game starts with “Pig Bang,” which has 30 unique levels and a generic outer space theme. This is followed by another 30 levels in “Cold Cuts,” which is a frozen realm filled with sharp obstacles. Afterwards, there is a brief 10-level mission called “Fry Me to the Moon.” The next four worlds each get more wild, and each one returns to the 30-level format. These arenas are respectively called “Utopia,” “Red Planet,” “Pig Dipper” and “Cosmic Crystals.” Each of these worlds has regionally specific technology. The “Danger Zone” has the most challenging 30 stages, but it typically requires an in-app purchase to be unlocked. New updates also brought the “Brass Hogs” venue in tandem with “Fruit Loops Bloopers.” Most recently, ”Solar System” was unveiled, and it is being followed by a secret Christmas Day release in 2015. These inventive stages are extremely vibrant and entertaining.

Bonus Content

Players will also notice another section called “Eggsteroids,” but this area stays empty until specific tasks are completed in the game. This spot is filled with the stages that are found via hidden objects in other levels. Most of them were coordinated with NASA, so you will find a lot of their official spacecrafts. Each one will transport you to a secret stage that will be permanently stored in the “Eggsteroids” menu afterwards. Also, “Mirror Worlds” are available after earning three stars on a mission. These hidden stages add extra difficulty by presenting a flipped version of the landscape. There are also tons of secret add-ons and power-ups. In fact, the “Mighty Eagle” is available in every level, but he is quite costly. He comes with two 20-stage worlds known as “Beak Impact 1 & 2.”

Final Word

“Angry Birds Space” is fun for every single member of the extended family, and it offers endless hours of riveting fun. The game never runs out of new nebulas to explore, and there are always new ways to reach high scores. It is an addictive romp, and squishing piggies has never been so enjoyable. To have some real fun online, just frolic with these feathered friends. You will love it each time that you defeat your green ham foes!

Angry Birds Space Game
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