[mrgreen] Leave it to NextGen to create a video slot machine that actually makes you feel you are sitting right in the hear of the rain forest. With 1 Can 2 Can, you are situated in front of a the most colorful set of reels in the industry today, and perched on either side of the game are two hungry toucans. To say they are hungry is actually an understatement, these birds appear to be starving. The good thing for you is that each time they pick a piece of fruit off the reels, they turn those symbols into wilds. To say this happens often is being kind.

1_can_2_can_slot_machineBefore you can soak in the beautiful tropical beat playing in the background, you have to become familiar with all the colorful symbols that make up this fun and exciting game. The standard playing card symbols are all in play, from the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, and Nine. As we move up the pay ladder, you will find the feathers, flowers, lizards, and the sloth in the top position. There are two other symbols that play huge roles in this game, the wild symbol and the scatter.

The wild symbols substitute for all the other symbols in 1 Can 2 Can except the scatter. While there are plenty of wild symbols on any given spin, those two giant toucans on the side of the screen are adding more just about every spin. Sometimes one will add one wild, and other times they both begin eating like they were starving, filling the reels with more wilds. This all adds up to you growing your bankroll fast and easily. The music has a very soothing quality to it, and the graphics are some of the more animated and impressive in the industry.

The scatter symbols need to line up so at least 3 of them appear on the reels to send you to the free spin bonus. When you are awarded those 10 free spins, you better fasten your seat belt because if you thought those two birds were hungry before, wait until you see they way they act in the bonus round. These two birds eat more food and give you more wilds, exploding your winnings. The feature can also be retriggered at any point.

Everything about 1 Can 2 Can is easy, including the ability to set the bet amount and paylines. If you are feeling especially lucky, try the gamble button for a chance to double or quadruple your winnings. Simply choose the right color of the card, you just doubled your winnings. Go for the color of the suit, you just quadrupled those winnings. It couldn’t be any easy and fun at the 1 Can 2 Can video slot game. Sit back, hit autoplay, and let those two birds grow your bankroll for you as you soak in that cool tropical music.

1 Can 2 Can Slot
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